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Kyle + Kayla Sneak Peek // Bozeman, Montana Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

Kyle + Kayla Sneak Peek // Bozeman, Montana Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

Kayla is exactly who I would imagine that Kyle would spend the rest of his life with.  She is calm, caring to everyone around her, funny, slow to anger, and she's also athletic...which was a must if anyone was going to marry Kyle.  Kayla has also changed Kyle in many ways. None are bad, I will say that right now! She just seemed to open up his shell in a way that I never saw growing up.  It's almost like Kayla helped Kyle find the best of everything in life.  Without a doubt, this is a marriage that I believe in 100% and if my tears during the first look, ceremony, and first dance weren't an indicator- then I don't know what is.  

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Kyle + Kayla // Big Sky Montana Photographer

Kyle and Kayla were such a blast to photograph! I grew up with Kyle all the way from elementary school, so the amount of inside jokes and memories that we talked about were unbelievable! We went to a really small elementary school so we knew each other really well.  Small world, when Kyle left elementary school he started riding the bus to junior high and rode with my now husband! In fact, the two constantly fought over their rivalry as diehard Yankee and Red Sox fans.  Kyle left Idaho and went on to play college football, where he met his sweetheart, at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.  Kayla was a star athlete herself, playing basketball for Rocky Mountain! Needless to say, these two are super stars! 

We went for a weekend trip and stayed at their condo in Big Sky, Montana.  If you've never been to Big Sky, you have got to plan a trip! I had heard how gorgeous Montana is, but I was truly blown away when I got to see it myself! I am so excited to say that I will get to photograph their wedding in Montana next summer! It is going to be so gorgeous! 

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