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The Forage Workshop// Boise Wedding Photographer, Brie Thomason

Boise wedding photographer, Brie Thomason was the photographer for The Forage Workshop.  See the gorgeous arrangements and behind the scenes images from the workshop. 

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Chelan + Antonio // Lewiston, Idaho Wedding

Chelan + Antonio // Lewiston, Idaho Wedding

Antonio and Chelan were married in Lewiston, Idaho this May. Click inside to read more about their love story and see some highlights from their wedding.  

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McCall Idaho Wedding Photographer // Winter Editorial

McCall Idaho Wedding Photographer // Winter Editorial

McCall wedding photographer, Brie Thomason, photographed this snowy editorial in the winter in McCall.  This shoot was published in Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.  

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How To Get the Best Getting Ready Images! Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

How To Get the Best Getting Ready Images! Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

As a Boise wedding photographer I love to give my couples insider information on what creates the best images on their wedding day.  This blog specifically focuses on the getting ready images.  

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Suzannah + Kelly // Boise Engagement Photographer

I'm sitting in my house literally snowed in right now! I always wondered what this would be like and now that it's actually happening I can report that it is very strange! All morning I didn't have internet and my phone was having to be used as an emergency hotspot at our coffee shop, so I spent all morning technology free AND snowed in at the same time! It shouldn't have been a big deal, but I cleaned the house and then felt a little lost.  

I'm happy to report that the internet is back and my phone is back in hand, so my life can resume like normal! Sad, so sad, but so true.  While I cuddle up in my blanket and watch cartoons with my nephew I figured it would be good time to share one of my favorite engagement sessions from this last summer! 

I think it goes without saying that Suzannah and Kelly are one stunning couple! I was instantly excited and inspired when they stepped out of their car dressed in the outfits that they chose! Suzannah's dress is exactly what I would dream that my clients would choose for an outfit for an engagement session.  The color was perfect for the location and her skin tone as well! I've had several clients ask where they can find a similar dress and I have found a similar one here.   

I am so excited to photograph their Boise wedding this summer! We are going to have so much fun together! 



Johnny + Jenny // Engagement // McCall Wedding Photographer

Johnny and Jenny; that just has a ring to it, does it not it? These two are seriously so adorable! I loved meeting with them in McCall to photograph their engagement images.  We started at one of my favorite river locations and then moved into my other favorite location, which is an Aspen grove.  These images demonstrate the sweet, gentle love that these two share.  We also included Johnny's Harley Davidson because it was one of their first dates!  I love when couples find a way to tell their love story in their images.   I absolutely cannot wait to photograph this wedding! These two have amazing style and their love is so genuine! 


Kyle + Kylee // Engagement // Boise Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to share Kyle and Kylee's engagement images with you all! Kyle and Kylee live up in Lewiston, Idaho and I am honored to be their engagement and wedding photographer this upcoming summer.  

Kyle owns a box van because of his motocross business and now I'm convinced that I need one for sessions! They had a built in changing room and places to hang their outfits throughout the session and I kept telling them how badly I wanted a box van of my own! Maybe down the road, right?? 

It had rained all weekend, but the sun popped out just in time for their session.  It was everything I could ask for as a photographer! The sun kissed the wet grass and there were still some clouds high in the sky that provided great light! I was giddy the entire time! I cannot wait for next summer to get here so that I can get my camera on these two again, but for now I just get to look at these images and remember how much fun we had.  

Kyle + Kayla // Big Sky Montana Photographer

Kyle and Kayla were such a blast to photograph! I grew up with Kyle all the way from elementary school, so the amount of inside jokes and memories that we talked about were unbelievable! We went to a really small elementary school so we knew each other really well.  Small world, when Kyle left elementary school he started riding the bus to junior high and rode with my now husband! In fact, the two constantly fought over their rivalry as diehard Yankee and Red Sox fans.  Kyle left Idaho and went on to play college football, where he met his sweetheart, at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.  Kayla was a star athlete herself, playing basketball for Rocky Mountain! Needless to say, these two are super stars! 

We went for a weekend trip and stayed at their condo in Big Sky, Montana.  If you've never been to Big Sky, you have got to plan a trip! I had heard how gorgeous Montana is, but I was truly blown away when I got to see it myself! I am so excited to say that I will get to photograph their wedding in Montana next summer! It is going to be so gorgeous! 

Enjoy these gorgeous photographs!

Daniel + Yesii | Boise Idaho Wedding Photographer

Daniel and Yesii's Boise, Idaho wedding was one for the books! They had all my favorite things as a Boise Idaho wedding photographer: great location, great lighting, and wicked great emotion. Every photo seems to tell a story, and those are my favorite photographs as a wedding photographer! I love to tell stories and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this wedding has millions! Have fun reading...I mean looking...same thing ,right? I was so blessed to get to shoot this wedding as second shooter under Kaye Murphy from Oh Kaye Love Photography. She is an amazing girl and she taught me so much during our wedding together! Daniel and Yessi's wedding was full of emotion and that is honestly one of my favorite things about being a Boise Idaho wedding photographer! Emotion captured in camera is so gorgeous! It is memories that will be cherished forever! DSC_7127DSC_7129DSC_7131DSC_7141DSC_7143DSC_7145DSC_7153DSC_7158DSC_7159DSC_7160DSC_7164DSC_7165DSC_7170DSC_7176DSC_7182DSC_7184DSC_7179Boise Idaho wedding photographerGrove Hotel Boise Idaho wedding photographerGrove Hotel DSC_7202DSC_7203DSC_7204Grove Hotel DSC_7212Grove Hotel DSC_7216Grove Hotel DSC_7224Grove Hotel Grove Hotel Rose Room Boise IdahoRose Room Boise IdahoBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise Idaho wedding photographerDSC_7269Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7284Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7297DSC_7291Boise wedding photographerDSC_7302Boise wedding photographerDSC_7345DSC_7423Boise wedding photographerDSC_7433DSC_7428DSC_7432Boise wedding photographerDSC_7468Boise wedding photographerDSC_7455Boise wedding photographerDSC_7492Boise wedding photographerDSC_7562Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7566Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7580DSC_7586Boise wedding photographerDSC_7602DSC_7600Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7689DSC_7692DSC_7712Boise Idaho wedding photographerDSC_7728DSC_7736DSC_7737DSC_7786DSC_7788DSC_7781

Brie Thomason Photography is a McCall, Lewiston, Treasure Valley, Sun Valley and Boise Idaho wedding photographer.  She specializes in the big and little moments that happen during a wedding day, but focuses on the emotion and real candid moments.  She shoots both film and digital and uses the two mediums to bring your wedding day to life! She is very interactive and will help with anything she can to make sure that your wedding photographs are everything you've ever wanted.  Brie's couples are typically adventurous and outgoing, they are full of emotion and most importantly full of love! Does this sound like you? Contact Brie here.