Jayce + Laura // Sneak Peek // McCall Wedding, Blackhawk on The River

Jayce and Laura are the couple that every wedding photographer dreams of having.  From day one they have been so excited and eager to every request and suggestion I've had as a photographer.  Laura is all about the details, and it showed! She thought through every single aspect of her wedding day!

These two were married at Blackhawk on the River in McCall, Idaho.  As many people know, McCall is almost a second home to me, so I was looking forward to getting to spend the weekend there and celebrate these two tying the knot! A little smoke was in the air from nearby wildfires, which made the light even softer and a tad bit pink...a combination that I could get behind! 

So much of their day was filled with laughter! Another winning element that made this wedding one of my absolute favorites! These two just know how to have a good time- plain and simple! At their reception, they had cardboard cutouts for guests to dance with or use as props for the photo booth, but let's be real they were way better dance partners! See the images below and you will know exactly what I'm talking about! 

I asked Laura and Jayce to share their love story with me and when I read it I couldn't help but think, "Yep, this them. This is exactly how I would expect to hear it!" So without further ado here is their love story as told by the groom, Jayce: 

There I was, just graduated from Boise State with high hopes of planning an exciting move to Seattle or somewhere other than Boise. I was working at Bardenay one August night and was closing the patio. It was a quiet night but these two blonde girls came into the restaurant and luckily sat in my section. I knew one of them from classes we had at Boise State. She and I didn't know another very well but were always friendly in passing. She brought one of her cute friends to the restaurant and being single I thought I would try my hand at the flirting game. Those who know me well, know this was most likely a disaster. I took their order of some delicious Huckleberry Lemon Drops and went on my way. Every time I checked on them I would find something to chat with them about. Laura had said she had just returned from an epic trip to Australia, one place I have always wanted to go. Instantly I was interested! We talked about her trip and what she liked to do and so on. I was so interested I sat down and kept talking with them. I got them another round of drinks (which I think helped my flirting case :)) and asked them if they wanted dessert. Now I thought Laura was 10 types of cute so I got them some of the best cheesecake we had, free of charge! I brought the check for them to sign not expecting much of anything but hoping I made a good impression ( again my closing game was not on point!) I came back out to the patio and saw them both running away giddy and giggling down the street. I opened the check and there was a phone number inside! Score!! I texted ( I know poor form) Laura that night and was hoping to go meet them for a drink but apparently Laura was told she needed to wait until at least noon the next day! I received a text back at 12:03 the next day and we were off to the races!! The rest is history!

Dress: Bridal By Marie Flowers: Boise Events Wedding Coordinator/Day of Coordinator: Brandi w/ Boise Events Suits: The Black Tux Venue: Blackhawk on the River Catering: H&M Meats and Catering DJ: Rick Neathamer Cake: Stacey Cakes Badass Photographer (they said it, not me): Brie Thomason Photography Photo Booth: FunBox