Nathan + Joelle // Sneak Peek, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Nathan and Joelle's wedding was held at Joelle's family's ranch house in what I can officially call the "Middle of Nowhere". However, it was the perfect location for their wedding and I can truly say that I wouldn't have imagined them getting married anywhere else.  Their closest family and friends made a weekend out of it and camped at the ranch, which made it even more of a special weekend.  

Nathan and Joelle are the couple that everyone at the wedding exclaimed, "FINALLY!" Their love story expands back several years, and I love the way that the bride, Joelle explains it. In her own words, here is their love story: 

Nathan and I met each other on the first day of college! We were great friends all through out school but as graduation neared we realized we needed to make a decision about our future together. The last few months of school made us seriously consider if a relationship with us was something that had potential. I knew I was going to move to Texas for a job quickly after graduation so our relationship hung in the balance there. Nathan was back and forth about what his plans were after school as he needed to work with a vet to get his qualifications for vet school. At graduation Nathan made the decision to move to Texas with me the next week and we've been running together ever since! After a few years we both were very aware we were going to get married but just weren't sure when. I knew he had been working on having a ring made and on my birthday I had a feeling it was coming. We went to a beautiful restaurant in Boise and we got home to finish chores. When I came back inside we started cleaning up and when I turned to head to bed he was down on one knee and I was so excited the time was finally here! I did know he was having the ring custom built, so I had been dying to see it. It turned out so great!