Travel Journal // Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

As a Boise wedding photographer, I love where I live! However, I also love to travel! This January I got the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Maui for an Idaho couple who wanted a destination wedding.  I can't wait to share images from that wedding soon!  Destination weddings might just be my new favorite thing ever! We all got to escape this never-ending Idaho winter for a week and get some sun in Maui.  

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to photograph our trip on film.  When I shoot film it forces me to be in the moment and enjoy the true scene.  Digital photography is great and has its purposes and times that make it invaluable.  However, when I'm traveling I have found that if I photograph on digital it makes me want to edit the images and look at the back of my camera a lot, rather than look out at the scene I'm viewing.  When I take a film image, that is it.  I can't see how it turned out, I don't need to photoshop it, nothing.  The other fun part about film is that I send it to my lab and they send back my digital scans about two weeks later.  This makes it almost like a gift when the scans come! I forget the images that I took, and since I haven't seen them it brings me back to that moment.   

Enjoy Maui, my friends!