Zach + Kaylee // Lindsay Creek Vineyard Wedding // Boise Wedding Photographer

Zach and Kaylee's wedding was one of my most unforgettable weddings of 2016! First, they are amazing. Like truly amazing.  Their families are some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and they were so good to me all day long.  We all laughed together, cried together, and then partied the night away! They had a Lewiston, Idaho wedding and I traveled from Boise to be there for them.  Lewiston is my hometown, so I actually grew up with most of their family and friends! It was so fun to see everyone and catch up, all while capturing a stunning wedding! 

I have to tell a funny story on Zach...We were in Drivers Education together and got stuck as partners.  One day we were practicing highway driving and our instructor made us drive the highway out to the casino and then turn around and come back.  I was driving as we turned around at the casino.  The back street to turn around is a 15 MPH road, and compared to the 65 MPH highway we were just on, it felt so slow! Zach chimed in from the backseat saying that he could run faster than we were going.  Our instructor told Zach to get out and try to run faster than us.  Zach got out and started running and my instructor looked over at me and said, "Go 25! Let's watch him run his little heart out." Sure enough, Zach was doing pretty well at first and then we left him in the dust.  I still laugh thinking about it! 

You will notice some athletic touches from this wedding! Kaylee and Zach are both very athletic. Zach played on the National Championship LCSC Warriors Baseball team and Kaylee played Volleyball for the Warriors! Their love story started in college, but I'll let Kaylee tell you more about that! 

From the bride Kaylee: 

We met through sports and mutual friends at LCSC. The first time I took Zach to meet my family in Spokane, I told him they knew, but they had no idea we were even coming home, I thought it would be funny!! So we show up at my parents house and they were so surprised and here meet my "friend" Zach. Through school we got to watch each other in sports, volleyball and baseball. I would say those are some of my favorite times! Fast forward a few years we bought a house, got a dog in the fall. Then come spring once he graduated we got in engaged. He had planned to propose in Lake Tahoe with my whole family. But he couldn't wait! I got off of work and we were supposed to be going golfing, but he asked if I wanted to go to the winery instead. I didn't think much of it, he invited a couple of our friends too. We're outside and our friend Sophia was like hey the sunsets super pretty go stand over there so I can take your picture. I wasn't into having my picture taken so she was like okay turn your back to me and raise your wine glass so I did and was just being funny. Then I hear Zach say, "Hey turn around." I did, he was on one knee.  I was so shocked I actually turned back away from him! Then he said turn back around and asked me to marry him. We had the whole thing videoed and she took pictures. It was perfect! We got to celebrate the rest of the night at Lindsay Creek! Wedding planning was crazy, Zach wasn't to thrilled about any planning. He said he would go for whatever! Then I had the brilliant idea to move! Our house was so cute, but so tiny. We started looking and found a house. And just so happens we had to move in the week right before our wedding. So it was all pretty crazy timing!! But we loved every minute of it!

& I loved every minute photographing it! <3