Portraits are my favorite part of the day! I joke that these are your "wall hangers".  What I really mean is that they are the images that you will treasure and print out for albums and canvases.   Also, it is really the only time that the two of you get to enjoy only each others company and have a few moments to yourselves. I can't stress enough how nice this time is for you! 

A few things that will help this time run smoothly & make sure everyone looks perfect:

Have your hair and make up professionally done. It's also a good idea for bridesmaids & moms to do the same.

Make sure the groom and groomsmen don’t have anything in their pockets during the ceremony or photos. Leave keys, cell phones etc in the vehicles or at the venue.

Make sure you leave a minimum of 1 hour of extra time for hair and makeup to be completed, that way the photo time won't get cut! Usually hair and makeup is the one portion of the day that gets behind. 

It's your wedding day, enjoy it; laugh a lot. Please don't be afraid to laugh and kiss- kiss so much! When you do laugh or giggle, don’t hide it or pull away from each other, embrace it and laugh together. That will make for some adorable & natural images! Also, when going in for a kiss try your best not to pucker. but instead smile! When you smile as you lean in for a kiss, it makes a great anticipation shot.  

If the weather is looking bad the week leading up to the wedding, be prepared with clear umbrellas or jackets and appropriate footwear. 

Set aside 15 to 20 minutes at sunset for some photos of just the two of you. The softer light is amazing and will give you a very different look than portraits earlier in the day! Usually the best time for these are 1-2 hours before sunset.  I can work with your wedding coordinator to find the best time to do these images.  

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