A few pointers for you guys to get the most of our session together;

1. This is a session about YOU, and your love story. Be relaxed and just be yourselves.
Have fun! Don't think of it as a photo session. Think of it as just any other normal day of the two of you hanging out, doing what you love to do the most.

2. As far as clothing is concerned, I have the following tips:  Dress according to the environment. If the environment is more urban, then perhaps something a little dressier will work. If the location is more rustic, perhaps a pair of stylish boots will fit the surroundings well. Please don't wear matching clothing. Think of 'complimenting' and not 'matching.' Avoid loud colors or patterns on the clothing, it might be too distracting. Please no logos or slogans on clothing. Stylish clothing is always the way to go!  Dressing in layers would be a very quick way to change the look of an outfit without doing a full outfit change. Sometimes, depending on the location that is chosen, a changing area might not be immediately available. Your session will allow you to change your outfit, so I suggest having one dressy option and one more casual (but still nicer than an average outfit) option. My favorite outfits as a photographer are when the girl wears a longer dress and the guys wears either dark jeans and a nice shirt, or even slacks and a jacket. For instance, this is one of my favorite combos I’ve ever seen: http://pin.it/jxql_lS . As far as the casual goes, I would love to photograph something similar to this: http://pin.it/tBsMdR5 . Patterns tend to take away from the both of you, so if you can avoid busy patterns, that would be best! I keep an ongoing Pinterest Board with outfit ideas that I see! Here's the link to that board: http://pin.it/4fiJGgX

I hope that those help you with ideas! Please feel free and text me outfit ideas if you’d like some input!

3. If you are bringing props, again, remember to be context appropriate. A picnic basket would look out of place in a library for example. If we are planning on shooting outdoors, bring a blanket where you guys can sit on so we can create more variety of poses! Pets are absolutely allowed, but just remember that we might need a way to keep them contained when we are doing the rest of the photographs.  

4. I do recommend professional hair & makeup for engagement session as well. I treat it as importantly as the wedding day itself! Some clients will use the images for save the date card, and some will display it at the wedding. I want to make sure you look your best! 

That's about it, we are always here to answer any questions you might have!