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Why is light so important? Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

Why is light so important? Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

You've probably heard me, or another photographer, mention how important that light is for images.  George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, once said, "Light makes photography.  Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography." I have always used this quote as a guide for how I approach wedding photography.  It is important for me to be able to know how to create great images regardless if it is sunny, raining, extremely bright, or hardly any light.  I have taken courses upon courses just on light so that I know how to handle every possible situation.  However, it should be noted that I do favor certain light over other light and that is why I am writing this blog post!

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How To Get the Best Getting Ready Images! Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

How To Get the Best Getting Ready Images! Advice from Boise Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

As a Boise wedding photographer I love to give my couples insider information on what creates the best images on their wedding day.  This blog specifically focuses on the getting ready images.  

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Muted Tone Fall Wedding Inspiration- Boise Wedding Photographer

This beautiful shoot took place in a very small town outside of Mountain Home, Idaho called Pine.  I had fallen in love with the location when my husband and I were up exploring the mountains one day.  I felt so inspired by the river, that I knew someday I was going to do a photoshoot there.  As a Boise Wedding Photographer, I am always watching the surroundings for what could be a great location for a shoot.  I love to have many options for my clients to choose from for locations. 

This shoot was such a fun project for me.  I had a vision in my head and an inspiration mood board, but I was still extremely challenged about how I was going to make it all come to life.  I met Kimi and Gabe, my models for the shoot, at a coffee shop in Boise.  I was the creep who gave them a business card and asked them if they'd ever want to do a photo shoot with me.  I saw their chemistry while getting coffee and knew that they would be so fun to photograph- and they were! These two were so madly in love, they made my job ridiculously easy! 

We were racing the rain, which is never fun! We knew it was supposed to be a rainy day, according to the forecast, but we saw that a little bit of a break was coming in the morning and we wanted to take advantage of it! It stayed dry until I was finishing up my very last roll!  Granted, I probably would have kept photographing them forever.  They were just too fun to capture! 

A great team of local Boise wedding vendors came together for this shoot! Please check out their information and websites below:

Gown: Wedding Gowns by Daci

Florals: Just so. Event Floral

Hair: Meagan Caudelle

Makeup: Ashlynn Cseh

Calligraphy: Inkling Calligraphy

Cake: Flour Child Boise



Austin & Whitney // Boise Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Aloha! I'm sure it seems silly to be reading that if you are in Idaho and freezing right now.  I am actually in Maui for the next couple of days.  I was hired to come out and shoot a gorgeous oceanside elopement! The wedding was stunning and I will share images with you as soon as I get them back from my film lab. 

As a Boise wedding photographer  I get the opportunity to photograph gorgeous Idaho weddings and a few weddings in neighboring states.  It has been such a treat to get to visit Hawaii and also get to photograph here.  

Enough about Hawaii, let's talk about Austin and Whitney! Gorgeous is an understatement with these two and their fall engagement session.  They told me they wanted fall colors and a cool location and I knew just the spot to take them! Fall is actually my favorite season, so engagement sessions in the fall just make my heart happy! It was such a treat getting to photograph these two. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Chris + Shanae //Still Water Hollow

Chris + Shanae// Still Water Hollow Wedding// Boise Wedding Photographer 

Chris and Shanae were the type of couple that reminded me why I am as passionate about my job as I am.  The entire day was full of nothing but love and respect for every person that attended the wedding.  In fact, during their consultation before the wedding they talked strongly about how excited they were to see all their guests and expressed their stress about how much they wanted them to have fun...and fun they had! In fact, after we all choked back tears from their ceremony and toasts, we all spent the day laughing and smiling ear-to-ear.  

Some details you should look for in this wedding: Shanae hand stitched Chris his hankie, Chris got a little emotional when his gorgeous bride came down the aisle, and the guest book for the wedding was vintage post cards collected by Shanae's grandparent's during their life's travels.  This day was full of little details that made an amazing overall wedding.  I was so honored to be a part of Chris and Shanae's wedding! 

Venue: Still Water Hollow

Flowers: Antique Vase

Makeup: Kristi W. of Kristi's Couture Style

Hair: Kristy G of TraK's Hair Salon

Dress: Margene's Bridal

Wedding Day Coordinator: Megan Worden

Catering: Kurt Wallin

Officiant: Scott Shaw

Daniel + Yesii | Boise Idaho Wedding Photographer

Daniel and Yesii's Boise, Idaho wedding was one for the books! They had all my favorite things as a Boise Idaho wedding photographer: great location, great lighting, and wicked great emotion. Every photo seems to tell a story, and those are my favorite photographs as a wedding photographer! I love to tell stories and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this wedding has millions! Have fun reading...I mean looking...same thing ,right? I was so blessed to get to shoot this wedding as second shooter under Kaye Murphy from Oh Kaye Love Photography. She is an amazing girl and she taught me so much during our wedding together! Daniel and Yessi's wedding was full of emotion and that is honestly one of my favorite things about being a Boise Idaho wedding photographer! Emotion captured in camera is so gorgeous! It is memories that will be cherished forever! DSC_7127DSC_7129DSC_7131DSC_7141DSC_7143DSC_7145DSC_7153DSC_7158DSC_7159DSC_7160DSC_7164DSC_7165DSC_7170DSC_7176DSC_7182DSC_7184DSC_7179Boise Idaho wedding photographerGrove Hotel Boise Idaho wedding photographerGrove Hotel DSC_7202DSC_7203DSC_7204Grove Hotel DSC_7212Grove Hotel DSC_7216Grove Hotel DSC_7224Grove Hotel Grove Hotel Rose Room Boise IdahoRose Room Boise IdahoBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise Idaho wedding photographerDSC_7269Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7284Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7297DSC_7291Boise wedding photographerDSC_7302Boise wedding photographerDSC_7345DSC_7423Boise wedding photographerDSC_7433DSC_7428DSC_7432Boise wedding photographerDSC_7468Boise wedding photographerDSC_7455Boise wedding photographerDSC_7492Boise wedding photographerDSC_7562Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7566Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7580DSC_7586Boise wedding photographerDSC_7602DSC_7600Boise wedding photographerBoise wedding photographerDSC_7689DSC_7692DSC_7712Boise Idaho wedding photographerDSC_7728DSC_7736DSC_7737DSC_7786DSC_7788DSC_7781

Brie Thomason Photography is a McCall, Lewiston, Treasure Valley, Sun Valley and Boise Idaho wedding photographer.  She specializes in the big and little moments that happen during a wedding day, but focuses on the emotion and real candid moments.  She shoots both film and digital and uses the two mediums to bring your wedding day to life! She is very interactive and will help with anything she can to make sure that your wedding photographs are everything you've ever wanted.  Brie's couples are typically adventurous and outgoing, they are full of emotion and most importantly full of love! Does this sound like you? Contact Brie here.