Cliffside Proposal in McCall, Idaho

Brie Thomason Photography // McCall Idaho Wedding Photographer Let's talk about major goosebumps here for a second! Brennan and Jess live in Canada and came up to McCall, Idaho for the Fourth of July.  Brennan contacted me several months ago about him going to propose to Jess and he wanted to find a local photographer who could capture the moment! I felt so honored and so stoked to be that photographer! Because they weren't very familiar with the area, I suggested that Brennan take her up to Osprey Point inside of Payette National Park in McCall, Idaho.  I sent him a few photos of the area and he thought that it would be perfect! What we didn't talk about would be the exact spot that he would drop down on one knee, but can we all agree that he nailed it? Yes, Brennan, you boss!

So how exactly did we pull this off? My husband and I pretended to be tourists.  We took selfies, pictures of each other, snapchat videos, you name it.  We were trying to hard to act normal, but keep watching them out of our peripherals.  Thank goodness I brought my partner in crime because I wouldn't have been able to pretend as well as I did having him there! Having him there was also fun because he was able to snap chat and save the entire process so that I could share it with everyone and also send them the video too! So fun!

Guys, if you are considering hiring a photographer to photograph your proposal, do it! Don't even think twice.  It is so fun to have these photographs forever and always be able to go back and see how it all went down.  I would love to help you get something set up so please contact me if you would like to set something up!

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