Kya + Daniel // Sneak Peek // Idaho Wedding Photographer

I think it’s only fair to start this blog by saying, “But first, coffee.” Kya and I met first when she became a regular customer at our coffee shop. She would always get the same drink- an iced white chocolate americano with cream. Her smiling face and familiar order at my drive-thru window became one of my favorite morning traditions- especially during the school year, as Kya is a teacher. Kya’s order became such a regular thing that even Daniel memorized it!

Kya and Daniel’s connection to my husband and I only grew as the years went on. Daniel grew up with my husband, riding bikes and terrorizing the neighbors- I’m sure. Kasey, my husband, described Daniel as one of his very best childhood friends!

A few years ago our families connected when Kya’s little sister, Mady, asked me to photographer her wedding. Mady and Caleb’s wedding was my second wedding ever! I have now photographed just over 90 weddings! It’s amazing how fast time goes.

Within the past year, our families connected once again (I know, it’s getting crazy!) when we hired the groom, Daniel’s, father’s company Bideganeta Construction to build our newest coffee shop. I cannot say enough about their family and the way they treated us during the process. It was absolutely the best experience we could have ever asked for. Daniel even came and poured our concrete, which was so fun to get to see him in his element.

As you can see at this point our families have become quite close through one funny connection to another! This all lead to their wedding day being one of the most special days I’ve photographed. The love these two shared, along with their amazing families, made the day one I will never forget. Did I mention that these two have been together for 15 years!? Don’t worry, we gave Daniel plenty of teasing for making Kya wait as long as he did. She said the evening of the wedding, “The timing actually feels perfect. Today is amazing.” The wait was worth it in the end!

Without further ado, here are Kya & Daniel’s sneak peeks!