Sammi Jo + Clay // Idaho Wedding Photographer // Sneak Peek

I don't even know where to start with this one other than to say, "Ya'll are going to lose your minds over this one!" So many of the details from Sammi Jo and Clay's wedding made this wedding unforgettable.  First of all, the wedding was held at Sammi's family's farm on the Prairie outside of Winchester, Idaho. With Mason Butte as their background, the two cut an aisle way out of wheat and completely transformed a machinery shed for their reception space. The transformation was unbelievable! Every detail was thought of from the family grown flowers, to the beautiful chandeliers, to the family cooked desserts. I wish you could have all seen it in person.  

Second of all, I think it should be mentioned that I cried at least three times during the wedding. I tend to cry at every wedding, but some weddings just get to me! I cried when I saw Clay tear up as Sammi walked down the aisle. I cried during their first dance. I cried once more when Sammi danced with her grandfather, as her late father could not join us. PHEW! Sammi Jo, you got me good girlfriend! 

As always, here is how Clay proposed to Sammi in her own words: 

I was getting ready to compete in a body building competition on June 3rd 2017, and so Clay and I were heading to Boise, ID for the show. We decided to drive halfway to Boise after work on June 1st. We arrived in McCall, ID to stay at a family owned cabin. As we left town, it was sunny for 10 minutes, then it would rain for 10 minutes. Clay and I drive into McCall and he decided to turn into the marina, where there was an amazing sunset! I was of course confused, because that was not the way to the cabin. I asked, "What are we doing?" He replied, "Let's go take some pictures of the sunset!" 

I was confused, because he had never once been interested in sunsets. We get out and walk out to the dock. I was taking so many pictures of the sunset, and not even paying attention to him. When we get out onto the dock,  I could feel that he got really nervous all of the sudden. He then said, "I have to ask you something." (In my head, I was so confused and nervous, trying to not get my hopes up.) He finally got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?"

Of course I was FREAKING out! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, everything I've ever dreamed of was happening right in front of me. At this point, all of the amazing 7 years of our relationship was completely coming to what I hoped. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!! We anxiously went back to the cabin while I stared at my beautiful ring for hours. We called our families and celebrated. The next day we headed out to Boise to compete. I actually didn't even care about the competition at this point, because I was ENGAGED!  Everything turned out great, and I ended up doing well at the competition. When we got home, the dream wedding planning began!


Like I said, you guys are in for a treat with this one!