Rikki + Jake // Idaho Wedding Photographer // Sneak Peek

I hope you are all ready to "Party like a Carlton" because these sweet love birds are so fun! Rikki and Jake have a special place in my heart...because we are both huge Patriot's fans! :P Okay, okay, truth is they are an amazing couple who was so much fun to be around. I just think that the fact they are Patriot's fans is an awesome bonus! 

They held their wedding at the rodeo grounds in Lewiston, Idaho on June 23rd of this year.  The entire day was a party with friends and family, which made the day so much fun for everyone! 

As always, one of my favorite ways to introduce my couples is to share their proposal story with you all! So without further ado, in her own words, here is how Jake proposed to Rikki. Be prepared for tears! 

Every year around the holidays we always get super frustrated because we have to bounce around from my parent's house to Jake's parent's house. Our parents are pretty good friends, so we never understood why we didn’t just do a big get together with all of us. Well, two Christmas Eve’s ago my mom told me she had talked to Jake's mom and they were going to come over to my parent's house for Christmas Eve (they always have friends and family over and do a white elephant). I was so pumped! We didn’t have to bounce around!

So we’re all sitting downstairs having a good time, eating, drinking, laughing and we decide to play the white elephant. After we all get a present my mom starts reading the poem. It told us to give our present to the person to our right. Jake was to my left so he hands me his present. Then my number gets called and I’m told to open my present. I was ticked! I didn’t get to steal anybody’s present or get competitive at all!

So I start opening my present all grumpy like and open the top of the box and... WOAH. There’s a ring in there! Speechless and in shock I drop the box full of glitter on the ground, and look over to Jake on his knee. Of course words weren’t really coming to me, so I just sat there with my jaw dropped. Eventually I was able to get out, "Yes!" Then some choice words just started spilling out of my mouth. Needless to say I was oblivious for months! They planned the whole thing without me catching on, my mom even wrote the poem to make sure it worked out perfect. Looking back now there was so many things they did I should’ve known something was going on, like videoing us “playing the game” ...who does that? Or FaceTimeing our family in California so they “could watch us play the game”. Sneaky fellas! I’m so glad I never caught onto anything though, it was the best surprise of my life!