Cortney + Van // Cabo Destination Wedding

Cortney and Van seriously were one of the most fun couples I've ever been around.  We all arrived in Cabo San Lucas a few days before their wedding.  We stayed at Sandos Finisterra resort in Los Cabos. The resort was awesome! I highly suggest it if you are looking for an all inclusive getaway!  

From the moment they arrived, Cortney and Van were the life of the party!  They were so accommodating to all their family and friends.  Cortney created the cutest welcome bags for their guests, which instantly set the mood for a great time! The rehearsal was quick and easy, so we all headed straight to a pool party!  You will see images from the pool party below. Seriously, so much fun! 

I love asking my couples the story of how they got engaged and Cortney and Van's story is seriously as sweet as they are! So in her own words, here is the story of how Van proposed to Cortney: 

I should have guessed, but for some reason "getting engaged" was not on my mind the day Van "finally" popped the question. My sister flew into town on Monday morning with her family. I was excited they were here and Ashley had asked me if I wanted to hike Table Rock on Tuesday after school. Of course I thought this was a great idea, and I decided I would invite a couple more people. I went ahead and called Danielle (little did I know at this time, Danielle had already known this was all going on.) I asked her if she wanted to join for a hike Tuesday and of course she said, "Yah, that would work out perfect." (She was already planning) Ha! Sneaky Sneaky! Well I got home from school on Tuesday and went to put on some workout clothes. My sister was there to greet me at the door as I walked in. She said, "Hey I put on some of your older leggings, and left out your new ones." Well I didn't get the "hint" and said, "Nah… It is so nice outside, I am going to wear shorts and tan my white legs." Then I proceeded to put on a frumpy t-shirt. Ashley once again stepped in and said, "Well, if you are going to tan your legs you might as well tan your arms." lol I missed that "hint" too! So my outfit was not the cutest (Thanks for trying Ash) but we headed up to Table Rock. Once we got to Table Rock, I didn't notice anything different. We hiked up with plenty of water breaks. At about half way up I wondered why Ash was wearing a backpack, but I figured it was because Caden was with us and you never know when kids might need something. We finally made it to the top! We were excited and Caden was running around. I was following him around and making sure he wasn't going to fall off the cliff, and at some point Van made his way behind me. I still have no idea how this all happened. One of my favorite pictures is us taking a girls picture and Van is photobombing the picture in the background, and I have no idea he is there. :) As I was chasing Caden I turned around to find a handsome guy getting on one knee and asking me to spend the rest of my life with him! Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, "Did you ask my dad.?" Then right after I said that Caden finally spotted Van and decided this was a great time to jump on his back! :) It couldn't have been anymore perfect! I am not sure how I got so lucky and it was well worth the wait. I am so happy I got to spend this moment with my favorite people! Ashley brought champagne and a bride tank to top it all off! Then when I thought it was all over, Van's parents were at the bottom of the hill, and our friends and family came to my parents house to celebrate! This was truly the BEST.DAY.EVER. Well, so far anyways! :) 

Without further ado here are Cortney and Van!