Nicholas + Shaylan // Sneak Peek // McCall Wedding Photographer Brie Thomason

Oh man, where to even start with these two!? Shay's family is from California, but much like my family, they fell in love with the New Meadows/McCall, Idaho area and wanted a cabin. Shay built so many wonderful memories at the cabin, that she decided the only place to get married was at their New Meadows, Idaho family cabin, The Lighting House.  I have to agree with Shay that there is nothing better than a McCall, Idaho wedding and I was so blessed to be their photographer! 


When Shay's parents, Kathy and Gary, went to find a retirement house, they fell in love with a property in New Meadows that was near a creek and tucked into the mountains.  They knew that more than anything they didn't want to have to build another home together.  They purchased the home and were so excited, only to have their dreams crushed around a month later when they found out lightning struck a nearby tree and burned their new home to the ground.  Much to their surprise, they ended up building another home together.  Hence the name of the cabin, Lighting House.  

As always, I love to ask my couples when they knew they were in love. Nicholas wrote, "When I'd go to bed alone and realize the empty space next to me was supposed to be filled by her." My word, I choked up reading that! 

Nicholas and Shaylan truly are such a special couple, and thanks to them I have gained life long friends (and neighbors if you will!) with Shay's parent's Kathy and Gary! It always means so much to me when I am able to get to know my couples and their families and continue our friendship well beyond the wedding day.  I'm lucky to say that's exactly what happened with this wedding! 

As with any wedding, none of it would be possible without the team: 

McCall Wedding Photographer: Brie Thomason Photography

Dress: 2000 Dreams Bridal

Flowers: McCall Weddings

Design/Coordination: McCall Weddings (shout out to Kathy for design help!) 

Catering: Delish Catering (Wait until you see the huckleberry spritzers!)

Entertainment: Sound Wave Events