Chelan + Antonio // Lewiston, Idaho Wedding

Chelan and Antonio were the perfect wedding for me to kick off wedding season with! Their wedding was in Lewiston, Idaho on a Tuesday, which was actually my first Tuesday wedding.  I think I made Chelan laugh when I confirmed that it was indeed Tuesday, May 16th, about four different times.  They wanted a small, intimate wedding with only their closest family and friends, and that is exactly what happened.  Because the wedding was on a Tuesday, dinner was a taco bar, to honor Antonio's love for Taco Tuesday.  

Another important detail that had me swooning over this wedding is that Chelan wore her mother's wedding dress.  With a few alterations and minimal changes, Chelan was able to honor her mother and wear the same dress that she wore.  It was so beautiful and fit Chelan perfectly in both size and personality.  I couldn't have imagined Chelan in any other dress! 

We battled rain all day, but as it was meant to be, when we arrived at the park to take our portraits the rain subsided for about 30 minutes.  Just as we were finishing up, it began to pour again.  We had wet feet, wet hair, and cold bridesmaids, but not one person let it damper their mood about these two joining in marriage.  

I asked the two of them separately before the wedding when they knew they were in love and both of them replied, "Our first date at Haus of Pizza." I couldn't believe it! They both knew they had found the "one" after their first date.  

I asked Chelan to share with me the story of how Antonio proposed and she shared: 

This winter was without a doubt THE coldest winter that I can recall, and growing up in eastern Washington that says more than some even realize. However my fiancé grew up in Peru where they don't exactly have the most frigid of winters and this being his first winter in Washington, lets just say no one can quite compare you mentally for single digit temperatures. With that said you can only imagine my surprise when one very cold evening in January as we were getting our son ready for bed, Antonio suddenly and very excitedly began insisting that both myself and our son rush outside with him to see something in the snow! In all honestly at first I thought the cold had finally gotten to him wanting us to go outside in the dark and with it being so cold, but I will forever be glad that we did because as we walked outside, there in the white of the snow, glowing under the moonlight, laid out in glow sticks read the words, "Marry Me?".