Kyle + Kylee // Sneak Peek

As I wrap up Kyle and Kylee's wedding album, I couldn't help but jump on here and share a couple highlights from their wedding day! They were married in the gorgeous St. Stanislaus church in Lewiston, Idaho.  We were able to sneak away for a few quiet moments to capture their portraits and then they partied the night away with their closest family and friends.  

One of my favorite things to do is ask my couples about how they got engaged.  Kylee wrote out their adorable proposal story for me: 

"Kyle proposed at our house in the garage in front of all of our friends and family on New Years Eve. He got too nervous to wait until midnight, and too nervous to even wait for the moms to get from the kitchen to the garage. All of the girls were hanging out in my kitchen, and everyone in the garage was trying to figure out how to coax me in there. I opened the door into the garage and said, "Hey Bailie, want to come in here and play some dimes with us?" Then our friend Amber...who was in the garage, said, "Tell us all how to play!" She was just trying to buy Kyle some time to get the courage to ask. So having no idea what was going on, sure enough I went into full details how to play, and I had everyone's full smiling attention while explaining the rules. Someone yelled, "Kylee can't you just get out here and hang out with all of us!" Then Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to "hang out with him forever." I was so surprised that I think I even said a bad word! Kind of embarrassing, I know. But of course I was just surprised and excited!"